Six Days Crazy Job ’17


  1. Darren Gwyther – Standard

  2. Jonny Wadsworth – Expert

  3. Mark Fenwick – Expert

  4. Rob King – Standard

  5. Adam Keil – Expert

  6. Julian Rapp – Expert

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  1. Julian Rapp
    Julian Rapp says:


    The first day of the proper enduro…and it’s time to sort the men from boys.

    Not knowing what the hell we’d signed up for in Expert class led to few morning jitters and not a lot of breakfast. The morning started with the liason to the start. The route having been loaded onto the GPS. Perfect you’d think, except the GPS’s were already at the start !!!

    Plan B was implemented and we all followed the fuel truck instead.

    It’s glitches like this that make you realise the six day crazy job is charmingly run on a need to know basis only. If you are in any way a stickler for planning ahead then forget it. If on the other hand you are happy that the information will get to you in the nick of time then you’re golden and beleive you me it’s bloody worth it.

    So Day 1….What a day we had. Everything but the kitchen sink was thrown at us. Start, 100yds, turn right and straight into the longest boulder strewn climb…bikes everywhere. But a great opportunities to put on the trials style and overtake all the prologue throttle jockies. 10 minutes and about 20 places gained….bingo.

    The next step in the torture came with a loamy climb, with throttle open and feathering the clutch to keep the front wheel planted. The track narrowed with tight banked bends and then into dense undergrowth and occasional rocks. Then the ominous sound of revving bikes and tyre on log became apparent. And there it was, a steep climb which some muppet had decided to fell a tree across. The scene was one of impatience as riders fought to use the hold-up to their advantage. The harnessed effort would probably have powered a small village. (There should be video posted earlier).

    The grip is amazing and given the commitment anything is do-able. So once over the log it was a further blast to the top with the ef07 giving great grip and the c19 pawing at the air. Amazing….and that was another few riders dispatched.

    Then the fog started. Yes, a real Welsh one, with wind farm, hogged roads and everything. Time for blind faith in the GPS in order to find the hidden twists, turns and rocky gulleys.

    Massive arm pump is the only result of 20 minute rocky down-hill. What a welcome site to see the service break at the 45kms. Attending to us at service was Andy…you probably know him as The Mitas Guy from Romaniacs. Top bloke.

    All fruited up we left for more of a battering….and it didn’t disappoint, only ending about 2 minutes from the finish. Arms were numb, neck ached from ducking under hundreds of branches and riding all the rocky decents the safest way, feet-up.

    90kms in 4 hours and we limped back to the bar called Checkpoint Gypsey and enjoyed cold beer heaven. Then back to the hotel for a dip in the massive pool and a late afternoon lounging in the sun.

    Being too knackered to think straight resulted this report being 24hrs late.

    To sum up day one

    Its is eveident that the bullshit about Hobby being boring and Expert being very easy was actually Regulars humour. But, It’s now of no consequence as a much needed kick in the pants is what we all need in order to stretch ourselves. And my god it’s awesome and is recommended as must-do without any reserve.


    Please follow RappRacing for info on 2018 transport to this fantastic event.


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