X-RON Experience – 4 days riding.

£695.00 excl accom

  28th March 2020 – 31st March 2020 – 4 days


This is our comfort zone, it is what we have been perfecting from day one. Now in 2020, following the successes of our bigger events, we are once again focusing in on these small bespoke events for demanding off-road riders !

RappRacing is behind the renowned the MadRon (pre 2020) and X-Ron Hard Enduro events.

We are offering you a chance to re-ride the tracks around Monchique in the Algarve with the original gps routes . Two different routes cross over on many occasions allowing you to switch between easy and hard frequently.

Progressive to Advanced riding.

Novice by request.


Accommodation is not included. We suggest staying at the fabulous Monchique Resort and Spa. This is the hotel used for our main event in November.


With a capacity of 6-10 bikes our professional no frills transport is tailored specifically to the job. Our team will get your bike and kit to its destination cheaply, quickly & safely.


Whilst we don’t carry out any checks, you must be licensed and your bike should be road legal, insured and MOT’d. It is now very straight forward for the police to check and your paperwork should be carried with you at all times.

Having said all of this we have only had one police incident in 8 years.

Despite what you may read and here elsewhere the majority of the dirt tracks are in fact roads and the applicable laws still stands.


  • 4 days self guided riding GPS routes (max 10 in group)
  • FREE bike transport UK to Portugal to UK


  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Hotel transfer
  • Drinks, Lunch or Evening meals
  • Fuel


VEHCILE MOVEMENT FORM. Download, complete and attach loosely to your bike.


from: Bristol / Bournemouth / Birmingham / Leeds / Manchester / Gatwick / East Midlands / Luton / Stansted


Please download the Motorcycle Movement Form. Read the Terms and Conditions, then fill out the form and attach it loosely to your bike so that we can remove it and keep it with our paperwork for the duration of the event and transport.

Your Bikes are required to be dropped off at our depot near Monmouth no more than 8 days before the event and usually the Sunday before. To comply with the carriage of a non hazardous loads, all bikes must be mostly drained of fuel. Fuel cans must be plastic and completely empty.

Any illegal substances or items found in/on your transported items will result in the immediate removal of ALL your belongings. You will be responsible for the collection of said items. You will also be responsible for inconveniences to RappRacing UK and to other customers.

If you need your bike collecting from your house this will need to be by separate negotiation and usual costs £20+£0.75 per mile each way. Large groups collected in one place may benefit in this instance.


A non refundable deposit will book your place. Full payment is due 6 weeks before the event (or final entry date).

All payments by Bank Transfer.