COVID 19 – Due to travel restrictions please contact us first.  If it is listed then there is a good chance we will go.

MadRon 2020 is on! ..There are some key changes in place this year thrusting this great event upwards, outwards and to who knows where. There’s a strategic change of location and some new faces along with the familiar and others that are sadly missing. With riders from further afield, helped by new business partners like Eurotek and Hartl Tours, this is an international…..thing!.

Get booked in….

Snowbiking / Trail Riding in Canada. Keeping it the family with our brother company BC Snow & Dirt in Canada. In the epic mountains and wilderness 600 miles north of Vancouver Jodok Heer (MadRon staff) has his own business guiding snowbikes in the winter and trail riding in the summer, it genuinely makes Romania look like the Cotswolds. Totally top notch equipment and tested by us this last winter.

Grange Farm
Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern


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